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IM Free WiFi – Free Press Journal 26 Apr 2016

Start-up’s innovative Wi-Fi router spreads to Gujarat

Students of MIT & Acropolis developed a technology of providing advertisements on connecting to Wi-Fi

Indore’s Start-up idea of providing free Wi-Fi as a profitable business is grabbing attention of IT companies all across the country. In recent events, ‘IM Free WiFi‘, a start-up company sold the idea to a renowned IT company in Gondal, Gujarat, spreading their brand further.

Students of Malwa Institute of Technology (MIT) and Acropolis Technical Campus (ATC) developed the technology of providing advertisement on connecting to Wi-Fi. After graduating the students formed a company for providing the service.

Discussing the project, one of the founder members Vikas Yadav said, “Our idea of providing on the server is unique, it helps in providing sponsored Wi-Fi”.

He explained that server lets the user log-in free from a hotspot after clicking on one of the four pop-up ads that appear on the screen.

The advertiser, who pays for your Wi-Fi usage, benefits from getting more hits for his ads and through visual branding, something he hopes will result product/service retention and eventual customer conversion,” he added.

Yadav elaborated that in their Gondal project they shared their unique AAA server technology from the software front, and installed the necessary hardware. “We installed the necessary gateways  and APs for the project providing Free Wi-Fi access to various areas of Gondal,” he said. They are running Free Wi-Fi at various locations in Indore including Airport, Treasure Island mall, Bhawarkua square, Geeta Bhawan Square and Chappan Dukan successfully. They claim that they can provide Free Wi-Fi in all the areas of the city within a year.

“We can provide Free Internet all over the Indore in 6 months to 8 months, maximum a year if we get government’s support,” one of the founder members, KP Singh said.

He explained that a basic drawback of Digital India model is continuous investment. With the help of IM Free WiFi model, government can cut down recurring costs.

IM Free Wi-Fi team has formulated a solution for the problem. Singh said, “We can provide free access to government website on our Wi-Fi model, this will ensure visits to the web portal.” He explained that most people would not access government websites if they have access to internet.

To generate interest among people, the team formulated an idea to give pop-ups of latest problems on which government is seeking advice. “A pop-up with a problem and awards for the best solution will encourage people to provide solutions to the government,” Singh added.

IM Free Wi-Fi proposed its ideas to Narahari and is awaiting his approval. The team states that they can make Indore a smart city profitably if they get the government’s support.



Free Press Journal

24 Nov 2015

IM Free Wi-Fi team equipped to make Indore smart city in a year: Digital India’s approval pending

Indore : “We can provide free internet all over Indore in 6 to 8 months, maximum a year if we get the government’s support,” IM Free Wi-Fi Pvt Ltd director KP Singh said. He explained that a basic drawback of Digital India model is continuous investment. With the help of IM Free Wi-Fi model, government can cut down recurring costs.

The idea behind IM Free Wi-Fi model is connecting advertisers’ investments to fund internet to the users. Various advertisers invest their funds in online advertisements at social media portals, websites and applications. IM Free Wi-Fi allows advertisements during signing in at Wi-Fi hotspots. The advertisements funds are thus diverted to fund internet charges.

The idea works beneficially for both the internet users as well as the advertisers. Advertisers get guaranteed visibility at lower investments. Users get updated offers from advertisers along with free unlimited internet usage. IM Free Wi-Fi is the first concept all over the world that can fund its costs by providing advertisements on Wi-Fi portal.

IM Free Wi-Fi is providing advertisement boosted free internet at seven locations in Indore including the airport. In the recently developed Wi-Fi analytics, it was found that the company gets 25,000 hits on Google every day. “We don’t use any SEO or PPC and we get enough likes and hits,” IM Free Wi-Fi director Mandeep Vats said.

The team wants to work for social benefits with the government of India. IM Free Wi-Fi director Ashutosh Kanodia said “We are trying to connect with Digital India project and other government projects.”

He explained that in a recent discussion with collector P Narahari they discovered, “Government needs solutions from people, however, the medium and interest among people are hurdles.”

Times of India

24 Aug 2014

Anshul Dubey, project leader of ‘IM Free WiFi’, said, “We came up with the idea after experiencing problem of internet connectivity. There are not many people who can afford internet facility on their cell phones, I pad or laptop.” So, they began with a small project with limited resources to provide free WiFi zone to youngsters.

“Currently, we are providing facility free at a city mall, i.e. Treasure Island Mall, Indore, and planning to extend it to chappan and places where net-savy youngsters turn up in high number,” said Akshay Awasthi. ‘IM Free WiFi’ has been trying to drum up support for resources to work on making Indore WiFi City. Other members of his team are Prasad Laghate, Anjali Nagdev, Dikshant Tiwari, Shivam Shukla, Vikas Yadav, Sunil Chauhan and Sharique Khan, who have developed ‘IM Free WiFi’ and are still working on the project.


6 Apr 2014

Students checking the free net service at Chhapan that started from Saturday
Sponsored one

What about surfing Internet through WiFi at 3G speed while having a chaat at Chhapan Dukan. And that too completely free!
Yes, it is true. At times, when costs of internet packs on cell phones are going through the roof, students of Malwa Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a free net surfing plan at Chhapan Dukan.
For this, they have set up a WiFi zone with a radius of around 200 meters —from Ostrich cafe till Titan Watch showroom.
“The idea to provide free net surfing through WiFi came from the ‘problem and need’ concept. The problem being ever increasing rates of internet packs, the need being free WiFi in the city,” said Shivam Shukla, engineering student and marketing manager of the project.
“We will provide WiFi at 3G speed i.e. 4 mbps which can cover entire Chhapan Dukan complex.
We conducted a survey ahead of installing our devices and restricted radius of WiFi zone near Titan watch showroom. Had we extended its range, people would have gathered all over the place and that would have created problems for shopkeepers here,” he added.
So, how does the net surfing become free?
Anyone wanting to access free WiFi has to go through a process which would lead them to a main log-in page which contains advertisements. These advertisers sponsor the net surfing. You see the advertisements and get to surf the net for free.
“Quantity doesn’t matter, what matters is quality and initiative. I’m very proud of my boys. Indore is growing rapidly and soon it would be seen as the financial hub of the country,” said HN Udapa, dean academics, MIT.
As the news of free net access spread, students who had come there to have snacks, erupted in joy. “Finally, free WiFi is here. It is an essential requirement for those who can’t afford the internet packs,” said Aayushi Malviya, BBA student at Prestige College.
“I’m very excited about this free WiFi zone. I hope they extend it to the whole city,” said Aastha Shukla, student at Medi-Caps College.
The MIT team is now working on installation of towers that can extend WiFi range over the radius of one km. “If proper towers are placed according to our plan, the city will get free WiFi in next six months,” said Anshul Dubey, MIT team leader.
MIT students have set up WiFi system that provides internet access within 200 meters


I have some monetary issues and accessing internet is an essential requirement in today’s day. While discussing the issue with my friends who are facing the same problem I realised we could do something about it. I talked about it with my friends and their friends. When I saw the passion among my team and got practical details from my faculty, the idea was worth developing into a project. I have experienced standing in the sun for 2 hours, working day and night, being a leader, etc. Most importantly, having a backup for every thought is important. I faced a lot of problems and felt it is not feasible. But the passion drove us to work and bought us to the implementation phase today. I learnt that a team is required, one person cannot do everything.

Anshul Dubey


04 Mar 2014


‘Free’ wi-fi access has cost Indoreans many a coffee, but starting next week that might become history, at least in part.

Having realised the need for free internet access in public places, a group of students from MIT developed a business-support model, found sponsors and are now ready to provide free wi-fi access to internet in at least five different locations and their college.

BE student Anshul Dubey, who led the project, told dna, “We realised that there is a growing need for free internet access in public places which must be addressed and started working on a business model to bridge this gap.”

The idea is simple. The server lets the user log-in for free from a hotspot after clicking on one of the four pop-up ads that appear on the screen. The advertiser, who pays for your wi-fi use, benefits from getting more hits for his ads and through visual branding — something he hopes will result in product/service retention and eventual customer conversion.

Dubey discussed this idea with his cousin Kuldeep Joshi, a BE computer science student, who advised him to test the implementation first. The duo went to the nearest popular bakery to check if they can get any funding for advertisements to ensure users don’t have to pay for access. They returned disappointed. But success did not elude them for long. Their next visit was to a burger shop whose owner was a mechanical engineer and liked their idea, showing keen interest in investing in it.

Having bagged their first “investor”, team ‘Innovative Marketing’ started working out the kinks in technical implementation.

Akshya Awasthi, BE Computer Science student from Acropolis, had experience of working with different servers and softwares and was brought onboard as technical in-charge. Some testing on the AAA server and 15 errors later, the project received a technical go-ahead.

“We were concerned about the cost as readymade servers cost quite a lot. So we needed someone who could develop the servers for us. This marked the entry of Sonu Sharma, a BE Computer Science,” said Dubey. Also, Sonu had entrepreneurial experience as he once ran a cyber café. This helped him train the marketing team comprising BE third year students Sunil Chauhan and Sharique Khan.

As marketers felt the need to develop web displays and presentations to introduce the concept to financers and customers, Prasad Laghate and Dikshant Tiwari, both BE Computer Science students, were pulled in.
Anshul Dubey and his team of innovators who’ll make free wi-fi a reality at MIT next week
See project through from inception to implementation