What is IM FREE WiFi?

We are the First who started Free WiFi Hotspot with unique concept in India.

We secured the position in TOP 25 start-ups all over India and received certificate of commendation from TATA & National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) on 31st Jan 2015


Guest WiFi marketing and analytics

IM FREE WiFi is guest WiFi hotspot software, that enables data capture so that you can market to your customers, track their movements and much, much more.

How does IM FREE WiFi work?

Cloud-based, it works globally with your existing hardware and internet connection. It has a simple, social user login process. It is secure and content filtered. We have both a free and paid for product.

See IM FREE WiFi in action

Every business has the potential to use IM FREE WiFi features in their own way. We’d be happy to show you a demo or talk to you about the application of our software within your business.


Give WiFi access to your customers based on your own rules

In some cases you may wish to give free accesses to your hotspot based on your very own rules, for example:

  • Security; AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting), OTP verification
  • Customers need to see some full screen advertising, before they can access the internet
  • They have to watch a video ad
  • You wish to give access to your own members so you wanted to authorize them first on your own site
  • You may want them to fill out a survey before you give access to the hotspot
  • Collect customers data such as email, name, gender, etc.
  • Bandwidth limitation
  • Session limit


Sharing Wi-Fi password puts your network security at risk by opening up for terrorist and anti-social elements. IM Free WiFI make sure that your login process is safe and secure.


IM Free WiFi will help you in marketing your place/cafe or restaurant among people searching for free Wi-Fi hotspot. Drive more customers from your existing internet infrastructure.

Session Limits

Now do not let your customers use your internet session throughout the day. You can control user login session from 1 minute to 24 hours. IM Free WiFi will disconnect a user automatically after session time is over.


Government has made it mandatory for public internet hotspot provider to authenticate user through their mobile phones. IM Free WiFi restricts user to login using verified mobile phone numbers only.

Customer Data

Using IM Free WiFi you can know your customers better. Capture who comes everyday, or once a week or multiple times daily. We will provide complete customer report. Which you can use to increase their visits by providing offers.

Bandwidth Limits

Don’t let a single customer occupy all the available bandwidth while choking network and make others waiting for bandwidth. IM Free WiFi allows you to improve customer experience by distributing hotspot bandwidth equally.

Schools, colleges and universities WiFi

Be seen as an innovator in the education sector by implementing safe, secure and family-friendly WiFi.

Forward thinking technology solutions are expected within the education sector, from students and tutors alike. With sprawling campus buildings and multiple sites people want to be able to find their way around and access timetables and travel information via a mobile device.

IM FREE WiFi allows schools, colleges and universities to provide the free WiFi that end users expect while gathering valuable data on who is using it, how often, their age group and how they move around the establishment. In addition to offering free WiFi, the administration can provide useful information, news and guidance. This is particularly useful during open days as the analytics can be used to engage directly with visitors, via social media or email, to make sure they are getting the best out of the experience.

Bar and restaurant WiFi

Promote brand awareness in bars and restaurants by providing free WiFi for customers.

Bars and restaurants are the perfect venues to offer free WiFi. Giving guests a free internet connection means they can not only check their emails but also update their social media status, which generates more brand awareness for the venue. As they share information about where they are on their social networks, their friends and followers are able to easily find them and hopefully join them for some food and drink.

City WiFi

Share real-time information across the city and gain valuable insights for services.

As local authorities grasp the need to get their citizens online, wherever they are in the city, WiFi providers are in demand and the ones who offer the most value will come out on top.

Train and metro WiFi

See rich analytical data to understand footfall and consumer behavior in the station.

Train stations are places where people are playing the waiting game, and now expect to be able to access guest WiFi quickly and easily. Providing IM FREE WiFi will help to improve the travel experience, increase engagement and enable monetisation through an uplift in purchases throughout the station.

IM FREE WiFi allows stations to connect with their passengers via e-shots and social media, encouraging re-booking with information, discounts and offers. Passengers will also be able to receive special offers for the station’s shops and cafes, boosting loyalty and spend.

Healthcare WiFi

Drive efficiency, improve communication and get a real insight to your patients’ needs by providing free WiFi.

A hospital or medical center visit can sometimes result in long waiting times. However, with the ability to go online and stay connected with work and home, this could be time put to good use. Couple this with the movements towards leaner processes within the healthcare system and you have the perfect environment for a free WiFi service.

Not only can patients and visitors look up appointment information and check-in, they can also be directed to maps of the premises so that they can move themselves around to the next area for a consultation, therapy or treatment. This avoids lots of hanging around waiting to be shown the way.

Hotel WiFi

Free WiFi is more important to hotel guests than a complimentary breakfast.

With consumers now actively searching for free WiFi in hotels when sorting their travel arrangements online, the hotels industry needs to update its WiFi policy and look at new ways of getting something back in return. Some operators have been slow to move from viewing WiFi as a revenue stream to a free service but the tide has turned with consumers stating that free WiFi is more important to them than a complimentary breakfast.

Airport WiFi

See rich analytical data to understand footfall and consumer behavior in the airport.

Airports are places where people have time on their hands and expect to be able to access guest WiFi, before and after their flight as well as in the air.

IM FREE WiFi will help to improve the travel experience, increase engagement and loyalty with the airport’s brand. It also enables monetisation through an uplift in purchases in the airport, all through a safe and secure network system.

Port and terminal WiFi

See rich analytical data to understand footfall and consumer behavior in the port.

Whether travelling for work or for pleasure, people who arrive at a port or ferry terminal are playing the waiting game. They are looking for ways to pass the time and be entertained, so it makes sense to offer free guest WiFi.

After installation of free Wi-Fi hotspot we received tremendous response from users near about hundreds of Wi-Fi users per day and 10,000 hits per day we are getting.

Status & Timeline

In two years the growth in free Wi Fi hotspots worldwide will be doubled. We are going to be the market leader of this wave.

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