How can I use Free WiFi?

You just need to signup & then login.

Please make sure that you are connected to IM Free WiFi Hotspot.

To know the locations of our current hotspots click here.


Is it really free?

Yes, Of-course !

No need to pay for any registration.

It is completely free. :)


Why you are providing free wifi?

We came up with the idea after experiencing problem of internet connectivity. When costs of internet packs on cell phones are going through the roof, there are not many people who can afford internet facility on their cell phones, I pad or laptop. 

“The idea to provide free net surfing through WiFi came from the ‘problem and need’ concept. The problem being ever increasing rates of internet packs, the need being free WiFi in the city,”

Can I post any location where I want to use Free WiFi?

Yes, Of-course!
You can post or recommend location where you want to use IM FREE WIFI.
It should be public place, like bus stop, cafeteria, or any other hangout place which is near to your location.

For this, click here & post the name of the location where you want to use free wifi on our FB page

& do like our FB page :)